Lee Bersch

Lee Bersch is best known for having a teachers heart.  She has degrees in both Media and Education from Fairfiled Univeristy, Central Connecticut State College and Wesleyan College.  She has worked for Broadcast and Cable TV stations in Connecticut and Florida and has taught in Public and Parochial schools. Over 30 years ago, Lee began teaching adults technical skills in volunteer organizations and also gave of her time as a literacy volunteer. 

Lee has been teaching students in South Florida schools for the past 20 years.  Her primary focus has been teaching television production and career skills. Many of her students have won awards and have gone on to work in the industry.  Regardless of the subject she is teaching, Lee imparts a good measure of success principles within her curriculum.  As a John Maxwell Team member, Lee has been expanding her scope to teach Leadership, Success Principles and Human Behavior and Personality Styles to students and adults.

David Bersch

David Bersch has a passion to help individuals develop their full potential.   David has a diverse background that includes working as a writer and performer in the entertainment industry, working in the technical side of television production, being a small business owner and, for the past 25 years, David has held IT positions with several national and global organizations where he has led large projects and teams.

The many coaches and mentors that influenced David throughout his life have had a profound impact on him and David is committed to passing that gift and opportunity on to others. David and his wife Lee are John Maxwell Team members and speakers, trainers and coaches focusing on Leadership, Success Principles, Human Brilliance and Human Behavior and Personality Styles.


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