Potential Topics:

  • Squeezing Joy out of Adversity
  • Planning Your Personal Growth
  • Defining the Personality of Your Business

How David Can Help Your Podcast:

  • David will promote your podcast to his small but growing tribe.
  • David will get to know your podcast, before coming on the show. to ensure his conversation is relevant to your audience.
  • David will offer free downloadables on a website that will mention your podcast and reinforce your brand.


David Bersch has spent the past three decades learning about personal growth and leadership development.  As he was beginning to transition from just learning and studying to teaching, a major interruption in his life occurred.  David was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  Despite surgery and aggressive treatment, the cancer spread and his diagnosis advanced to Stage IV.  In order to survive, David used everything he learned from his personal growth studies to supplement the medical treatments and his unwavering faith.  He followed practices he had known for years and learned new techniques from trusted teachers, mentors and coaches. Recently, his oncologist conducted a scan and found no evidence of disease.
David is a living example of his philosophy that "Life does not have to be perfect to be Joyful".  He has a passion to help individuals develop their full potential and most of all, to find their joy and their sense of purpose.   David has a diverse background that includes working as a writer and performer in the entertainment industry, working in the technical side of television production, being a small business owner and, for more than 25 years, David has held IT positions with several national and global organizations where he has led large projects and teams. 

The many coaches and mentors that influenced David throughout his life have had a profound impact on him and he is committed to passing that gift and opportunity on to others. David and his wife Lee are John Maxwell Team certified coaches and trainers focusing on Leadership, Success Principles, Human Behavior and Personality Styles.  

To Book David:

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 561-536-3322