Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is a 12-month program with a monthly teaching that includes a Question and Answer session.  Membership in the program includes access to a Web Portal where all teachings will be posted for 30 days and worksheets will be made available.

The twelve teachings include the following*:

1. Comfort Zone

  • Growth takes place outside the Comfort zone
  • You are responsible, no one is going to do it for you
  • Growth starts with a decision

2. You are Perfect

  • You have everything you need for a full life
  • You are a perfect imperfect human being
  • You have more potential than you will ever use

3. Drama

  • We love it when something happens
  • We get caught up in the story
  • Are taken away from what we say is important

4. Attitude

  • Your attitude is your thoughts, your feelings and your actions .. it is all of them together
  • Earl Nightingales attitude test .. is life treating you well?

5. Gratitude

  • Gratitude keeps our mind on what is good
  • Beware the temptation to feel yourself hard done by
  • Gratitude connects us to our source of supply

6. Giving

  • Recognizing the order of things
  • A river not a reservoir
  • The circle of life

7. Purpose Vision Goals

  • We do not grow for no reason
  • We must identify something we want
  • This is not a rehearsal

A goal that is casually set is freely abandoned

                                             ~ Zig Ziglar

8. Perception

  • We use our perception for us or against
  • We disturb ourselves not by the things that happen but by the views we take of them ~ Epictetus

9. Forgiveness

  • Every man chooses the best option he sees, his only problem is that he is mistaken
  • We are all imperfect .. all doing our best
  • Humility and forgiveness are two sides of the same coin

10. Terror Barrier

  • At times of change we either step forward into growth or back into safety
  • We must continually push through the fear and frustration in order to extend the comfort zone

11. Harmony

  • We do not get what we want we get what we are
  • Like attracts like
  • Dual force of action and attraction from being

12. Authentic Journaling

  • Keeping track
  • Setting goals
  • Living on purpose

* The actual order of the teaching may vary depending on the month you join.


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